chopped and screwed

ATL vs. SA game update: It’s midway through the second quarter and the Hawks yet again have come out of the gate like wounded ducks.  If the Hawks have been consistent at anything, its lethargy early in the game and there are stats to prove it.  Some game thoughts:

  • The Hawks so far have been outhustled on the boards.   The Spurs doubled the Hawks in rebounding and that merely spells one thing: a lack of effort.
  • Jumpshots, jumpshots, and more jumpshots.  Instead of trying to attack the rim, the Hawks have continually settled for outside shots, especially at the beginning of the second.  Play by play man Bob Rathbun pointed out that the Hawks have not been to the line in over three quarters (including the last half of the Houston game), a stat which screams a lack of desire to get to the rim.
  • For once, the bench has seen an increase in minutes.  Acie Law,  specifically is getting an extended run and is making the most of it.  He’s making an effort to penetrate and is suiting up on defense.  He’s had at least one steal I have accounted for and almost just made another.
  • Smith just made a beautiful lob pass to Horford for the slam.  I didn’t think Horford would be able to size the pass up to dunk it in time.  Smith has struggled again early in the game, but at least he’s making an active effort to attack the rim.
  • If I talk any more about Pachulia, this blog may have to renamed.  But he continues to be the most mind-boggling player on this roster.   Perhaps Pachulia is a “space cadet” to steal the words of Phil Jackson, who used them to aptly describe Vladimir Radmanovic.  I simply don’t understand Pachulia.  As an aside, he needs to protect the ball better on offense.  Instead of taking two steps, leaving the ball unprotected and driving to the rim, he needs to dribble, use his body to protect the ball and attack the rim.
  • Bobcats just acquired J-Rich for Diaw and Bell.  I love Bell, but he’s old and past his prime.  Diaw is an enigma who I do not see thriving in Charlotte.  This deal has the potential to really help Phoenix, especially if Terry Porter decides to turn up the tempo at some point.

I’m going to put up a post in the near future on Woody, and whether or not he should be canned before this season progresses any further.  He may be the most divisive figure in Atlanta sports outside of MV7, and since Mike’s in jail, Woody’s future is more relevant.


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