hiatus/falcons’ loss

Recently the blogster (myself) has been on a mini-vacation in the city of sin.  I’ll be back blogging regularly soon enough, and will have some thoughts on the Hawks win vs. the Rockets Saturday night.  Consistency is starting to find a place in Hawksville.  

FALCONS LOSE IN ARIZONA: I hope the Falcons realize that the media can turn from hot to cold in a milliseconds time.  The Falcons put together a tremendous season, one that I believe will be a defining point for a franchise that has seen more downs than ups.  The foundation is in place, not only from a managerial standpoint but also from a personnel standpoint.  But that foundation could only take the Falcons so far Saturday afternoon in Arizona.  I think once emotions settle, people will realize things are looking up for this franchise and that the coaching staff squeezed every ounce of talent from the roster they inherited and molded in one year’s time.  The Cardinals were better Saturday, but in the long run the Falcons have the brighter future.  That a Falcons’ playoff loss is “disappointing” speaks itself to how far this franchise has come from the depths of despair.  Lessons were learned in Arizona, but it is those lessons the Falcons will be thankful to have learned down the road.


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